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Pole Only Bundle

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This membership gives you access to both 'Pole Dance Classes' and 'Pole Syllabus'

The perfect mix of learning pole dance!


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Get the most out of what's on offer by subscribing to the Pole Only bundle!

Immediate access to over 350+ videos including pole dance classes and the pole syllabus tutorials.

Monthly Bundle

7 day FREE trial. £35 P/M
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From beginner to elite level. Work your way through the fundamental drills and tricks of each level through the pole syllabus then learn how to put them in combinations through the classes!


Each chapter of this membership is specific to each level drills, syllabus tricks or class. This helps you easily find videos to work on your specific goals. Each pole dance class has the option to 'skip warm up' or to jump to the 'full demonstration' or 'cool down'.

350+ Videos

Gain immediate access to all previous tutorials. New content added regularly to keep the syllabus well rounded. Get in touch, to request a trick!


A complete built-in social network for connecting with your students. The only online course platform that helps your students connect with peers.

Join Online Pole Class and start improving today!

Take your training to the next level!

You will also benefit from learning with guest instructors in both memberships. 

The pole dance classes and tutorials are great for helping with lesson plans or training sessions.

During your pole dance classes, you can skip the warm up or to the cool down, making it super easy to navigate through the videos.

If pole dance is your hobby, or you're an instructor, join today!
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Kassia Portas

Professional pole dancer, a Sports Rehabilitator BSc (hons) and multi talented massage therapist. Kassia has combined her passions to offer high quality, informed advice to the pole dance community.

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