It's great you're here

Hi there, I'm so pleased that you're here!

Its amazing that you're ready to start the first steps towards improving your training. It's not easy to start something new but I'm here to support you with that.

The important stuff...

I want you to enjoy learning cool and interesting pole tricks even as a beginner. Pole is fun and I can't wait to show you.

I want you to learn about your body and how to become stronger, more flexible, less injured and overall, more confident.

I want to support your journey! I encourage (and love to see) questions about anything that might help you progess your knowledge and your training.

So if you're ready to be better in your body, your training and your pole dance... then let's get started!
Hello from your instructor!

Hi đź‘‹ I'm Kassia, your main instructor for Online Pole Class. I'm so excited to show you everything I know! This membership is an accumulation of everything I have learnt from pole dance, about the body and everything in between. I often get overwhelmed that I'll forget the copious amount of things in my brain, so I decided to document it all here so that you can learn from it too.

Is this right for me?

I know that learning online is not for everyone. You're probably thinking...

What if I cant motivate myself?
Will I learn as much as I would in a pole studio?
Will I get enough support?
What if I have questions?

I can guarantee that there is more than enough content available to you to keep you busy! There are HUNDREDS of classes, tutorials and training sessions for you to get access to IMMEDIATELY.

If this doesn't motivate you then I have made things super easy to access. The site is user friendly, categorised and chaptered so that you can find what you need nice and quickly... before you lose the will to train!

There is a great online community section where you can ask any questions you need, no stupid questions. I am more than happy to give you advice and support.
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All your questions, answered!

Do I need a home pole to take part?
A pole is not required at all for the Strength & Conditioning membership. For the pole dance memberships it is necessary to have access to a pole, either at home or at a studio.

I've never done pole before, is this membership for me?
Absolutely! You will have access to beginner pole classes and tutorials. Access to the Strength & Conditioning membership will help you build the strength and flexibility you need to progress and reduce your risk of injury.

How do the memberships work?
Once you sign up as a member, you will have access to all the content available to you within your membership. You can watch the videos within your training sessions, use them to plan a session in advanced or even to plan lessons for your students.

Each membership has an introductory section that explains everything you need to know to get the most out of your journey here. You won't be left in the dark!

What if I get stuck or have questions?
We have a community area for just that! Ask questions to get support from other members and from me.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes! If you want to utilise multiple memberships then you can grab yourself a bundle which gets you a juicy discount.
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What members say

"In the past I have spent many training sessions trying to copy Instagram videos and spent a lot of time failing because there isn't any instructions, this has caused a lot of frustration and wasted time. Now, I can choose a class at a level I want to work at and all the information I need is there and it saves me time."
“Kassia is amazing! She’s so supportive and encouraging and really knows her stuff. So passionate about her sport and her students we all progress so well with her as our teacher”
"Kassia is one of the best instructors I've ever been taught by so I was thrilled when she launched online memberships. I've often struggled to motivate myself when training at home but this makes it so easy!"
Gem Heywood

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